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VIRGO: why are they such clean-freaks? LIBRA: why are they such flirts?

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Okay, so after me spending about 3 hours trying to work this out, here it is! Keep in mind that this list is in no particular order, just a whole bunch of stuff I can mess around with the order until I see fit. If you plan to use my exact organization, please feel free to mess around with the number of pages you dedicate to something!

Gemini: I had to stop by this one-day sale.

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LEO 2020 *EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED!!* 😱🔮 Psychic Tarot Card Reading

Show more notes. The Zodiac Signs need to stop Astrology Astrology blog Astrological zodiac zodiac posts zodiac blog zodiac signs Zodiac characteristics aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces aesthetic pale aesthetic pastel aesthetic indie blog pastel blog history blog art history art blog. Just a few goodies I ran across. Many beginner witches have no idea what they should put into their special book… Your Book of Shadows is personal to you. Your problems are ours to go through together.

The Scorpio woman can hit you harder than a man. Oh well, yeah. I like you.

LIBRA FULL MOON // April 19,

Aquarius: What kinda music do you like? Zodiac characteristics zodiac astrology zodiac traits zodiac blog astrology tumblr. Cause when you say that word, you show the Universe and those around you YOU are in control. This full moon is also all about change being easy. Smooth and brimming with bright potential as she illuminates the water.

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Create space for yourself over next day or two to make music, make magic, make love, meditate. Or do all of the above and explore sex magic. Let stuck emotions move through you with dance, sweat, tears or being naked in salty waters. Write down any downloads the Universe is giving you and trust the messages. Let this beautiful Pisces moon cleanse you. Bathe in the baptism of endings and transitions then allow yourself some time to have fun and dive into the cosmic deep end this weekend.

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Emotions are running high and deep during the sturgeon moon - heightening our vibes of love and anger, creating some tension in our relationships. Here are some rituals to help transmute that high energy into something brilliant and positive:. A little recipe to carry this upcoming full moon Friday the 13th energy long after it is gone. A Pisces Moon is already emotional, but then you add the energy of the Full Moon to it and you have a very sensitive day on your hands, Mama.

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Take out your intentions from the new moon two weeks ago. What is showing up now? Think about this even if you never got around to writing your intentions down. The sun is making a nice aspect to powerhouse Pluto right now. This is a great day to do transformational work on ourselves. For the last 6 months or so, I've been making what I call " vishion crystals" like a 3 dimensional vishion board!!!

I make them soon after I set my new moon intention and at the start of each new season! I've had a blast making them, and as I was photographing them for a upcoming workshop series, I started to see how much they've manifested already!!! Are you ready for next Sunday, October's Full Moon?

I have grown, healed, bloomed within a mental health diagnosis, gaining a true appreciation and understandingly of holistic healthcare, a combining of medical and spiritual worlds.