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These other linkages and clashes are also definitive of the overall nature of the relationship. Perhaps due to wishful thinking : there seems to be some confusion regarding what is and is not a romantic super-linkage. Julia's planets are black, and Danny's are red. More on romantic super-linkages in future posts Magi Astrology is the only form of astrology that recognizes the awesome power of Planetary Geometry and knows how to both accurately interpret it and even how to harness its power.

Clashes are the true signs of incompatibility and stress between two souls. The more Clashes any two persons form, the more incompatible they are and the more stress their relationship will have. Magi Principle Nine About Love: When two persons form more Clashes than Linkages, the two souls are not compatible and are not likely to fall in love, and stay in love.

Magi Principle Ten About Love: No matter how much two persons love each other, and no matter how well their two astrological charts match up, if the two persons get married on a horrible astrological day, their marriage would still be tumultuous and stressful, and probably result in heartbreak.

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Happiness can be attained by getting married on a perfect astrological day, if the date is properly selected utilizing Magi Astrology. The Principles of Magi Astrology work together and are to be used as a whole. It is unwise to use only some of the Principles and ignore others - to do so can result in heartbreak. It is unwise to apply only the Principles that give you the answers you may want. For example, if you are in love with someone that forms a Romantic Super Linkage with you, but you met the person while you were having a Heartbreak Transit, you would be highly tempted to ignore Principle Three, but you must include it.

Please do not cherry pick the Principles you wish to apply; the Principles work together as a unit. Similarly, just because you meet someone new while you are having several Cinderella Transits, it does not mean the new person is your true love. In order for the new person to possibly be the one meant for you, the person would also have to fulfill the other Principles of Magi Astrology about love, such as forming a Romantic Super Linkage with you, and forming more Linkages than Clashes, etc.

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Other points may be included in the configuration if it is comprised of more than 3 planets, but the minimum required 3 planets must all be on this list. In that case the aspect is a clash. Squares and Oppositions are always clashes regardless of the planets involved.

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  6. A note on orbs: More exact orbs are more powerful than wider orbs. Aspects with the tightest orbs are the most significant aspects in CAC's. Another consideration is that even though all romantic super-linkages are indicative of soulmate potential, they are not all created equal in terms of the total energies they bring to a relationship. They differ depending upon the planets involved, the aspects involved and their exactness, and any planetary geometry that is created.

    Romantic super-linkages comprised of the romance planets- Venus, Neptune, and Chiron, are the most romantic. Saturn in a romantic super-linkage will act to bind a couple but will not bring joy, and can bring difficulties, though the whole romantic super-linkage will need to be analyzed to assess Saturn's effects. Uranus adds a note of distance or fluctuation to a romantic super-linkage.

    Mars in a romantic super-linkage can add more drive to marry, but can also incline a couple toward disputes. In general, linkages are more favorable than clashes in romantic super-linkages, but clashes from most planets are actually more favorable than Saturn linkages.

    More on Planetary Symbolisms in Magi Astrology. Planetary geometry also impacts the interpretation of romantic super-linkages. A grand trine is the most favorable geometry for a romantic super-linkage. Mystical triangles and yods can also be favorable, depending on the planets involved and their positions. T-squares and Grand Crosses, while typically unfavorable, would have to include a linkage to Chiron somewhere and so would have to be assessed in light of that, but would still be likely indicators of difficulties for the couple.

    A sign of true love.

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    Feeling like you belong together. Wanting to make a commitment- wanting to marry. Soulmate Linkages give a couple the feeling of belonging together but they do not guarantee "happily ever after. The Ultimate Sexual Linkage: Juno-Venus linkage Irresistible attraction that can compel people to find a way to get together. Thread Tools. Join Date: Jul Posts: Moderator] Last edited by starlink; at AM.

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